This year is really shaping up to be a true heavy-hitter year for The Catskill Project (TCP).  We couldn’t be happier with the model house performance, and are equally excited with the progress on our two new builds.  Our first owners are about to move in, making the project truly alive and buzzing with excitement.  

How did we get here?

Our collaboration with Bensonwood Tektoniks is the very bedrock of the continuing success of TCP.  The  factory-manufactured shell, representing around 40% of the value of each home, is performing like clockwork in all houses. It passed the blower-door test in every case with room to spare, proving that the houses are truly well and tightly insulated.  Sub-zero temperatures in the winter?  No problem;  the indoor temperature barely budges even after several days with heat turned off. 

In fact, Tektoniks is such a key part of the whole process that we have effectively formed one fully integrated team.  Whether it is house design, wall insulation or passive house features, suggestions and recommendations flow in both directions, resulting in continually improving efficiencies.  Both teams see great potential beyond TCP.  Once we are done with this groundbreaking project, we have ever-expanding plans to take the show on the road and continue mainstreaming panelized, passive-standard houses in the Catskills and well beyond.    

Bensonwood panel assembly line in Keene, NH

Our expanding ambitions are reflected in a new addition to our portfolio of houses.  You will recall that at the moment we offer three models – Balsam, Overlook and Tremper.  We always had plans to add to it when the time is right, and it is now.  Ready for the upcoming selling season, our new house will be both similar and different.  You will recognize the TCP aesthetic in many indoor features, but the overall look is quite different.  Tipping its hat to the local vernacular, the house has a gable roof, and is designed broadly in the farmhouse / cabin style.  We will have a rendering soon, and cannot wait for you to see it.  Only what to call it?  Balsam, Overlook and Tremper are named after the five remaining fire towers (the others are Red Hill and Hunter).  Somehow we feel the provisionally called Model IV should have a different moniker.  Any ideas?  Let us know!

What’s next?  Make sure you put May 6th, 1 – 4pm on your calendar:  we are hosting an Open House at the property.  It will be a first-hand opportunity to speak with our Bensonwood Tektoniks partners and the rest of the Catskill Project team. Join us for light bites, refreshments, and live music. After hearing from the project team, check out the finished houses, go for a hike on the common ground trail, and mill about with all sorts of nice people. And why not head down to one of the breweries or eateries in Livingston Manor afterward to cap off the afternoon?  Maybe we’ll see you there, too! 

Lots to do in 2023!  See you soon.  

Register for the May 6th Open House Here