GOING, GOING, GONE! - The Catskill Project

Spring in the Catskills is always a special time.  The browns and grays of late-winter mud season give way to endless shades of green, complemented by all sorts of colors courtesy of ubiquitous wildflowers.  

And our lot map is also changing colors.  We are excited to welcome two new owners, with houses to be built on Lots 2 and 6.  In addition, since our former model house on Lot 11 has been purchased, we will build a new spec house on Lot 1 at the same time.  What is also exciting is that the new builds will be our Red Hill floor plan, our latest model, proving that its introduction really resonates with our customers.  A welcome addition to our sustainable, carbon-neutral community! 

So where does it leave Phase I of our project?  Of the eleven original lots five are either occupied or under contract, and one will proudly house our new Red Hill model.  This leaves five beautiful four-to-six acre lots to choose from.

And what beauties they are!  For me, one way to categorize our lots is according to their defining characteristics:  water feature, views, and/or privacy.  Of course, some lots have more than one of these, but all have at least one of these respective personalities.  At the danger of oversimplifying Lots 3, 9 and 10 are rich in views and water features, and Lots 5 and 7 are mostly defined by views and privacy.  

Some of you may have heard of Phases II and III, to be located on land the team purchased a few years ago.  These phases, contiguous with the project as it stands today, have six and eight lots, respectively.  While similarly sized to the lots you can visit on Phase I now, with the same sustainable architecture driving the product, the topography and overall vibe is quite different here. 

Not only does one enter these phases via two different entry roads; one also encounters a world of parcels ranging from very tucked away and secluded, to perching on a ledge and overlooking a stunning valley with meadows and streams.  We can’t wait to offer these lots to the public (stay tuned) and connect all phases via a hiking trail.  Plenty of hiking and, if you wish, neighborly visits are in the offing for TCP residents!         

So come see us, the weather is really getting quite fabulous, and our smart buildings look better than ever in the spring sun.  Come before more lots are gone!