Visit The
Catskill Project

Connection to the land fuels this project. We invite you to learn all about the property here, but nothing will compare to seeing it in person. Come visit the model home, hike the trails, breathe the air, find peace at the waterfalls, grab dinner in town and meet your future neighbors.

Choose Lot and Home Model

Fall in love with one of our 11 lots, then select the base model that you’d like to make your own. Meet with our architectural, interior design, and sales teams to learn more about how we build your dream home.

Your Home

Select from a wide variety of carefully-curated options and upgrades to craft a home perfectly suited to your needs. Luxury bath fixtures? Garage? Sauna? We can do all those and more – click here to start exploring.

Off-Site Fabrication

Our industry-leading fabrication partner will calibrate their equipment specifically for your home’s high-performance panels, order windows, and start putting together the building blocks of your new home.

Site Preparation

While our off-site fabrication team is busy creating the high-performance wall and roof panels of your home, our on-site contractors will be busy preparing your building site by laying utility lines and setting down the insulated foundation.

Panel Delivery
& Assembly

Wall and roof panels are delivered to your site and shell assembly begins. Over the course of just two weeks, your air-tight, weather-tight, super-insulated building envelope will be assembled and ready for finish work to begin. Check out the video on the homepage for footage of the model home being assembled.

First Blower
Door Test

After the shell is constructed, we bring in our mechanical engineer to test the air-tightness of your home. We guarantee airtightness levels that meet – and often exceed—Passive House standards.

Interior & Exterior
Finish Work

After your home passes its blower door test, our contractors will continue to work on your home, installing the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems that make it perform, and the interior and exterior finishes that make it beautiful.

Move In!

That’s it! Your home is ready for move-in. A lot of work and passion has already gone into the making of your home, but its story is just beginning.