Our Story

In 2018, longtime friends with one shared vision came together to bring about a project they’d conceived of long ago—one that could re-imagine the way we build, live, and give back to our environment.


You may be wondering why we call this development a “project.” For us, it is a dynamic journey with a conscious aim. Each homeowner will carve out their own lifestyle here, but the common denominator is the same: stewardship and respect for nature, a desire to live responsibly and meaningfully, and to cherish simple values that feed our bodies and souls. The Catskill Project is as ambitious as it is humble. It is a community of fellow dreamers/explorers and good neighbors, all in the vanguard of a life led in harmony with the environment that sustains us.


These key principles served as the guiding factor for every stage of design and construction of The Catskill Project. The result?


• 90 acres of untouched beauty in Livingston Manor, over 40 of which have been set aside as a nature reserve.

• Waterfalls, wetlands, trails, and ponds.

• Unique, beautiful, performance-driven homes.

• Net-zero, carbon neutral, and Passive House designed


The onus is on us to build the future we need. The Catskill Project is proud to be a part of that future.